Civil Insanity.

His hands dragged her brutishly down the stairs. Screams and shrieks of agony flew out of her mouth in an uncensored tempo; the noise of angst filling the air but refusing to wring out an emotion from him. As soon as he alighted the flight of stairs, he abruptly threw her on the ground, making... Continue Reading →


Beauty is Pain, Is it?

Waxing, lipoplasty, plastic surgery, nose jobs, facelifts, Botox, mud bathing, microdermabrasion, blah blah blah. All are beauty procedures so many women engage in just to have the perfect Barbie or Kim look. The extent to which the female folk go to achieve the zenith of perfection is overwhelming and  thought provoking. Is it necessary? To... Continue Reading →

A diamond in the rough.

Have you ever felt useless? Have you ever felt like a car without an engine? Have you ever felt like a phone without a battery? Do you ever doubt your uniqueness as an individual? Do you ever doubt the purpose of your existence? Have you ever felt that you are living a meaningless life? Does... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Temptation.

Resolves are made In most situation Not to be strayed but too strong is the fascination And too quickly,initial intentions are betrayed because too sweet is the sensation and seems too strong to be assailed too nebulous is the explanation for all attempts to explain the act results into a mere charade too gruesome is... Continue Reading →

What’s on Vickie’s blank sheet?

AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH VICKIE Interviewer: Happy new year Vickie! Vickie: Same to you. Interviewer: Excited for the new year? Vickie: *smiles* Yes.  I believe it has so much in store for me and I can't wait to begin the journey.I know it's gonna be a fun ride. Interviewer: You sound so sure it's gonna... Continue Reading →

Blank sheet.

'...old things have passed away; behold all things have become new.' That's one of my favorite verses from the Bible, and weirdly, I think it correlates with the 'new year' concept. A new year marks a new beginning which births new resolutions. Many ignore the relevance of mapping out or making new year resolutions. What... Continue Reading →

New year!

It's a new year!  It feels awesome and amazing right? Though, you'd expect everybody to be reeling and basking in joy and gratitude, I met someone yesterday who was totally disinterested in the fact that it's a new year. I tried to pull him out of the web of pessimism but he snapped and retorted,... Continue Reading →

What does Christmas mean to you?

Closing my eyes, inhaling the harmattan cloaked air, the question, 'What does Christmas mean to me', flashes through my mind and almost instantly, a melange of red, green and white scurries past my mind's eye. The deviously tantalizing, inviting, scintillating, sumptuous and utterly delicious aroma of spiced chicken saunters into my nerves and delights my senses.... Continue Reading →


It's the third day and sadly the last day of the challenge. Honestly, it's been a fun journey. Having to think and think and make up original quotes- ain't the easiest thing in the world but hey! It helps boosts your creativity and originality.  Before I drop today's quote, originally cooked up by moi with... Continue Reading →

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