What is love?

I think I spent more than twenty four hours trying to figure out what love is. That’s just how complex the four letter word is. But just as I tossed and turned on my bed, my eyes landed on a certain purple hard cover book and instantly, I knew what love is.

Ask a random person what love is and they’d probably say it’s probably a box of chocolates on valentine. I might agree, only I have a better definition for love. Love isn’t a rose or tulip, it is more than vain materialistic gifts. It is more like….

The Genesis.

So, after God created the world, Lucifer was really jealous of the bliss humanity was entitled to. He knew he had lost and that really irked him. Since he couldn’t defeat God, he decided to anger God by making humans his little puppets. Humans, lured in by the fancy deceit cooked by the Devil, fell into the trap. The beautiful world God had created turned into a dark universe charged with sins of every sort. Man had dug his own grave. Man was on the path to doom.

Pity Upon Humanity

Jesus couldn’t bear the fact that all humanity was enslaved by the devil and was going to end in peril. For crying out loud, he could have stayed up in His mansion and watched humans slip into hell. It was after all,their decision. He had given man life but he chose death. But something made Him leave the comfort of Heaven and come down to earth as a mere infant, the son of a carpenter, born in a manger. 

Light of the world.

He came into a world of darkness to purge it with the light of His glory. He satiated the thirst of the woman of Samaria with ‘a spring of water welling up to eternal life.’ (JOHN 4:1-29) He turned water into wine. (JOHN 2:1-10) He healed the sick(MATTHEW 8), raised the dead (LUKE 7:11-15 ) , made the lame walk (JOHN 5:1-15), made the deaf to hear(MARK 7:31-37), made the blind see (MARK 8:22-25), fed five thousand with five loaves and two fish (JOHN 6:1-14).

A painful betrayal.

His long epistle of miracles do not come close to greatest display of love ever. He allowed himself be betrayed by the kiss of a traitor. The Messiah, King of the Jews, took the place of Barabbas. With a crown of thorns and a purple robe, He was brought forth to the people and they chanted, ‘Crucify him!’

And He was crucified…

With a cross to bear, Jesus was taken to Golgotha- a place of skull.  He was lashed viciously and ferociously. His blood spluttered, pain imbued Him but love fueled him. His clothes were ripped. Huge nails were drilled into his palms and legs- fixating Him to the cross and the cross was raised up on the hills. He thirsted and they held a sponge of vinegar to His mouth. And He said, ‘It is finished,’ and He gave up the ghost.

What is love?

Love is Christ leaving Heaven and coming to earth to redeem my soul. Love is stooping so low to born a mortal and dining with common men. Love is that act of humility. Love is to keep caring for humanity despite the painful betrayal of man. Love is to subject to brutal treatment and agonizing torment all to save the soul of man. Love is dying on the cross to ensure that man is guaranteed eternal life.

Tell me, what manner of love exceeds that?

yours lovingly,





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