I love my mum!

For nine months, this woman surrendered her womb as a portal for me to be conveyed from the creator’s abode into the world of men. Agonizing torture, infuriating sicknesses, terrifying discomfort she endured to ensure my birth.

Then, one on fateful night, she was delivered off me, not without being gripped by the agony of childbirth. She, soaked in sweat, soiled in blood, took me up in her arms. Once my tiny eyes met her experienced ones, a love so strong was ignited in the abyss of her heart. 

Fourteen years and still counting, I can confidently say my mother is one in a million. She might not be perfect. But, despite her flaws, she remains an irrefutably amazing and awesome mother. She showers me with love, care, affection greater than what anyone on earth has ever shown me. 

As a little toddler, she has shielded me from the world and I’ve taken refuge in the warmth of her strong arms. Her breasts, I’ve suckled to gain life. I can only imagine how much tantrum i’ve put up as a baby, yet she never gets tired of me. Instead, her love waxs stronger day by day.

I might get really angry when she scolds me, get really mad when she stops me from doing something, get frustrated when she goes into protective-mama-bear mode but I’d never trade her for another.

Words cannot justify the immense gratitude i have for you being my mum. I love you to the moon, beyond and back. You’d always be my super-hero, my ‘knightess’ in shinning armour, my one and only first love.

I love you mum!

Your’s lovingly,



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