The Haters Syndrome.

You ever had to deal with haters? If you have, high five! Welcome to the club! Being me, I have been hated, beefed, loathed, back stabbed, name it! At a young age, (and if you’re wondering what age young is, young was 8), I’ve been through the saga of “who does she think she is?” “She’s such a show off!” “She’s so dumb!” I can’t begin to list the long epistle of cliche remarks born out of spite, envy and insecurity.

So, if there’s one thing that doesn’t faze me, it’s the Hater’s Syndrome. Why? When the rumors get to me, back then when I was young, I’d feel bad but suck it up. I’d keep a cool posterior until I get home. I’d narrate it all to my mum. Guess what Mama would say? She’d throw her head back in laughter and say,”That means you’ve been doing something great. People only talk about you once they sense a glimmer of potential and you, my dear, are the very embodiment of potentials.”
That would make me smile and forget whatever I’d heard. A few years have passed, I’ve grown a thick skin and the Hater’s Syndrome has being on the rise. But you know what? It doesn’t tick me anymore, it actually amuses me. Why? It means I’m not dead. I’m alive. And I’ve been proving the essence of my existence to the world. Ain’t my fault that’s pissing anyone off.

So I ask again, had to deal with haters? High five, once more! That means you’ve been doing something worthwhile. Have you ever seen a hater doing better than you? Haters become threatened when they know you are way ahead of them. People will talk about you most especially when they envy you and the life you live. Let them. It’s your success affecting them. Don’t let their failure or “loserness” affect you.

Haters would see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim.Don’t ever let words of a hater bring you down. Instead, let it boost you to do greater things. The more success, the more tongues would wager. But I know a quote that says, “Kill them with your success and bury them with your smile.” Yes! Smile at them. It works. I do that a lot and trust me, it sure drives all ’em haters crazy.


A virus that has been on the spread has been unraveled by Scientist and Blogger Vickie. It’s called the Hater’s Syndrome. It has been discovered to be born by certain pathogens such as envy, insecurity, jealousy, discontent and pure evil.


  • Abrupt snubbing.
  • Spreading of false and malicious rumors.
  • Unfathomable animosity.
  • Clandestine meetings to gossip about you.
  • Anger and disdain towards your progress.


  • Take desired dosage of courage everyday.
  • Put on a genuine smile around individuals exhibiting the virus.
  • Do not engage in a verbal or physical combat with them. (They aren’t worth it.)
  • Do not take the negativity they dispel to heart. (Words from the mouth of losers should be regarded as trivial.)
  • Keep progressing and climbing up the ladder of success. (Have fun smirking down at them while they look up at you from the bottom.)
  • Shoot them down with the “I-don’t-give-a-damn-what-you-say-attitude”.

Yours lovingly,


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