Don’t think now…think tomorrow.

Close your eyes and imagine you woke up tomorrow- dead. Don’t get scared or flustered. Death is an inevitable part of the human life. Even though, most of us like to evade it. Though some of us get lucky to be snatched by the death at our gray ages, some aren’t so lucky. So, I still say you close your eyes and imagine you were dead tomorrow.

Are you scared about that probability? Why? What makes your heart race like it’s on a marathon? What makes fear and panic grip you right now? And if you’re not scared, why? What makes you so calm and rest assured? What do you even think people would say? Would they exhale and say, ‘finally, she’s gone. What use was her existence?’ or would cry their eyes out, shouting,’On death, how cruel art thou!’ Love-and-Other-Drugs.gif

You’re probably wondering where my train of weird questions are driving me to. I’ll cast you out of the oblivion. When death comes knocking on your door, would you have lived a worthy life? Would you have left a legacy for yourself? Would you have achieved your dreams? Would you have fulfilled your goals? Would you have lived your destiny? Would you have acquired your heart desires? Would you have made your parents proud? Would you ….? The list of ‘would you’s’ are long but I’m sure you get my drift.the-future-starts-today-not-tomorrow

A lot of us immerse ourselves in the present, we fail to consider the future. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against living in the present but I’m advocating bringing the future into the equation. What do I mean? Someday, like it or not, we’re gonna pass on. Scientists haven’t found vaccines against death. The thing is are you wasting your life? Have you been believing that you have all the time in the world? Have you been pushing all your goals for another day? Have you been thinking its too early to start aiming for success?images

Don’t think now…think tomorrow. Let the fact that you aren’t certain about tomorrow push you to accomplish as much as you can accomplish today. Make yourself happy. Live your destiny. It’s never too early to start living your dreams. My words might sound absurd being that I’m a teenager but I’ve seen reasons why you should think tomorrow. Think tomorrow and act today. Don’t think today and act tomorrow. 

Yours lovingly,



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  1. I love it. There is truth in your words! I also love the pictures in the post. I love the first one better, and I loved that movie. It was heartbroken when she die at the end of the film! And this is why I agree and love your post, because of the truth! Keep writing


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