Make that switch…now!

If the bulbs go out, you replace it with a new one. Once the tire is expired, you change it. We change lots of things everyday once it’s no longer safe or advisable to use. But do we really change all that needs to be changed? NO! Do we change our habits once it gets raunchy and junky? Do we discard those bad attitudes and replace them with a new one? Do we swap that abominable character for a better one? 

It might seem unnecessary but it isn’t! It is an essential part of our lives that we must tend to. Every once in a while, it is necessary to examine our lives and patch the crack, stitch the chair and replace the damaged. It is pivotal to scrutinize ourselves and take out the trash. Make that change. Switch the bads for the goods. Swap the unacceptable for the palatable. Ditch lying for honesty. Ditch abrasiveness for humility. Withdraw from those vices and cling unto the right virtues.

Make that switch…now!

Yours lovingly,



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