Be selfish…it’s worth it!

A meager amount of us actually remember to compliment ourselves. True or False? When you wake up in the morning, while assessing your look in the mirror, do you ever think to say, ‘I’m beautiful.’ ‘I look great this morning!’. When you achieve something, small or big, do you ever give yourself a pat on the back and say, ‘Good one! I’m a genius.’ When you pass through a hard situation, at the end of it, do you ever tell yourself, ‘I made it! I’m a survivor. I’m strong!’

Many of us fail to shower ourselves with compliments, even if its once in a millennium [Okay, that’s hyperbole.] But yeah, some of us give ourselves compliments once in forever. We always feel its redundant and it should come from somebody else. Somebody else has to notice those achievements and say, ‘Thumbs up Vickie! You did a great job!’ And when no one notices, our spirits tumble down and head for the ditch and we begin to sulk.

Yet, it’s funny how we do not hesitate to lambaste ourselves once we make a mistake, no matter how trivial. ‘What a big fat fool I am!’ ‘I’m just incapable of doing anything right!’ ‘I’m just an empty head!’ The list of insults are unending.

But the big question is why? Why do we, without hesitation, submerge ourselves in negativity rather than charge ourselves with positivity at the slightest opportunity.

I carried out a small survey amongst my classmates and the results were quite astounding. Some said compliments should be gotten from others while some said its selfish to compliment one’s self. But, is it? Really? Is it selfish to compliment yourself? Do you really have to wait for someone else to compliment you to feel good?

I believe it isn’t selfish to give yourself a boost. If it is, then go ahead and be selfish! You don’t have to wait for others to flatter you. Flatter yourself! Compliment yourself! It definitely charges you up with motivation to go on with life efficiently. It increases your self esteem, refreshes you and makes you believe in yourself.

So, Vickie admonishes you today, to say that word or those words of commendation to yourself. Say it! [Even if it’s selfish!]

Yours lovingly,




6 thoughts on “Be selfish…it’s worth it!

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  1. Everything about this essay hit home when I read it. What you’ve written is true for a lot of people, myself included. What is it about our minds, that we feel compliments and praise should come from elsewhere, not within?

    That’s really something to ponder upon, as I go and compliment myself now. 🙂


  2. I love this! Lately, I have been living life bogged down in negativity and anxiety. In an effort to lift myself up, I’ve been trying to find one thing day that brings me joy. But I have to say, I still find myself saying that I’m stupid, or that I shouldn’t have done that dumb thing. So I’m going to start complimenting myself daily. Thank you for this reminder!

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