Beauty is Pain, Is it?

Waxing, lipoplasty, plastic surgery, nose jobs, facelifts, Botox, mud bathing, microdermabrasion, blah blah blah. All are beauty procedures so many women engage in just to have the perfect Barbie or Kim look. The extent to which the female folk go to achieve the zenith of perfection is overwhelming and  thought provoking. Is it necessary? To go through hell, back and forth, for the perfect face and body? 

I’m just a teenager and I must admit that every girl has a dream look. To have a flawless skin. Perfect shinning eyes. Long shinning hair. Full and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Perfect lean nose. Full luscious pink lips. Perfect tiny waist. The list is unending but then, let’s snap from planet Venus back to earth. Perfection is just for Hollywood. We are humans. Flaws are unavoidable. There’s always gonna be that one stubborn pimple. Heck! I’ve got a pimple-plagued face but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna result to a plastic surgery just to look good. (Puberty is still taking it’s toll on me!)

At times I wonder, who defines a woman’s beauty. Herself? Or the society? Do I have to grow up and look like a perfect model from the cover of a magazine? Do I have to subject myself to extreme measures to look great and unblemished? Does beauty require being dragged through hell back and forth? Is the saying, ‘beauty is pain’ really valid? What really is beauty? Having a facelift or a breast implants? Or being natural and proud of one’s original form? Transforming into a barbie doll? Or being real?

I’m not against looking good. Hey! Everyone needs to look good. No one wants to look like an old hag or a poverty stricken fellow. But we need to draw a line between modesty and madness. Share your opinions, thoughts, views and experiences. I’d look to hear them. Is beauty really pain?

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7 thoughts on “Beauty is Pain, Is it?

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  1. For what it’s worth from this guys perspective, all those methods at attaining beauty are really only an outflow of pride and vanity. They have nothing whatsoever to do with beauty. Bug that depends how you define beauty. This world has come to the point where the outside is more important than the inside. True beauty lies within in my opinion. And pride has no place in true beauty – humility is the highest attribute.

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  2. One of the lies women absorb in our culture is that beauty is only skin deep. That devalues them from the outset. The daytime talk shows all describe plastic surgery as something women should have done, if it makes them feel good. Applause, applause. But that assumes vanity is the highest good. Millions are spent on plastic surgery that could be spent on something genuinely worthwhile. How many starving children could be fed with that money? How much housing for the homeless built? How many libraries or youth centers? Instead of leaving a legacy behind, women take those plastic bags filled with saline to the grave.


    1. Powerful words there Anna! I truly agree that the huge amount spent on vanity can be diverted into something else that would yield profitable result and would impact lives. Thanks for your contribution. I appreciate it.


  3. Today people care about the outside look than the inner perspective.And what do not understand is that it is the inner that matters not the outer.


  4. the full quote is ‘beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes clean to the bones’ which is tyranny personified for those who buy into it. I think societal pressure is the killer here; and being tough enough to resist it is hard, bloody hard. Easier for me cos the ugly has floated to the surface now after several decades of exposure to the harsh realities of nature! So keep strong Vickie. PS and thank you so much for following my silly little blog; hope you find some of it fun.

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