A diamond in the rough.

Have you ever felt useless?

Have you ever felt like a car without an engine?

Have you ever felt like a phone without a battery?

Do you ever doubt your uniqueness as an individual?

Do you ever doubt the purpose of your existence?

Have you ever felt that you are living a meaningless life?

Does it always seem like you never achieve anything?

Well, if yes, you’re not alone. These feelings often descend and plague our minds and wreck our thoughts.There are times in our lives where we feel so inferior. We feel like we have nothing special to distinguish us from the crowd. We feel like we are useless or can never achieve anything cogent.Well, this feeling is normal but it doesn’t have to be normal. According to science, every human has genetic components that sets him apart from the other. That means irrespective of who or what you are, you are unique! Yes. You! Do you doubt that? Well if you do, I dare you to look within yourself. You have special talents, gifts and abilities that are buried deep within you. It’s like a diamond in the rough. You have to dig up, drill, excavate among other technical activities to produce a beautiful and prestigious diamond jewelry. But before that diamond became what it is, it passed through a lot of stages. First, you have to dig into the surface of the earth. Now, it’s not the dig-up-the-soil-for earthworm- kind of digging. You have to dig down real deep, according to facts, let’s say, over one thousand feet. Now it’s important to know that you don’t just dig up the earth and farm diamonds straight away. What you collect from down under is rock- Kimberlite deposit. The diamond or gem is muddled up with the piece of rock. So is that special and unique ore buried deep inside of you. It is sort of muddled up. You have to refine it. The rock deposit that stores the diamond ore in it, is crushed, mined, greased, separated blah blah blah. The list of activities is long and tedious but the final product is worth the sweat. Nobody said any thing good comes easy. Success is a no pain, no gain business.  You can be likened to that diamond.It did not fall off the sky shinning luminously. A lot of hard work and persistence was put into it. Your diamond dwells deep inside of you. All you need do is fuel yourself with determination.Plug yourself into a socket of pungent inspiration. Be motivated to excavate that beautiful diamond in you. Take proactive steps such as detecting that talent. Go a step further by nurturing your gift by acquiring enhancement skill. Do not let anyone ever tell you that you are not special. You are special. You are unique. You have an elegant diamond in you.You are a blank sheet waiting for a success story to be written on. Take a bold step and be the author of your success story. Don’t let anyone write jargon on your blank sheet. If you have been doodling, now is the time to sit up, and begin to create your success story. Remember, you are just a diamond in the rough. Start drilling! Now!

Yours lovingly,



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