New year!

It’s a new year! 

It feels awesome and amazing right?

Though, you’d expect everybody to be reeling and basking in joy and gratitude, I met someone yesterday who was totally disinterested in the fact that it’s a new year. I tried to pull him out of the web of pessimism but he snapped and retorted, ‘What’s the big deal in a new year?’

That got me thinking.

What really is new year?

It’s exactly what the name implies! A new year! 2016 is gone and dead though memories of it linger in our minds. We have been given the unique opportunity to glide safely and smoothly into a new year. An opportunity not everyone was lucky to have. Several deaths were recorded on new year’s eve and even in the early hours of the new year. If you think you’ve got nothing to be grateful, you are wrong. You have life. You are hale and hearty, not confined to a hospital bed. 

Twenty seventeen is a new year which signifies a new beginning. Life has given you a blank sheet, to start over and re-draw the map of your life. Yes! Hence the new goals, new year resolutions, new attitude, new personality, new x, new y and new z.

Be happy! Be grateful! Be joyful! It’s a new year and you and I are proud participants and inhabitants of 2017. From me, on Vickie’s Corner, I’m wishing you a prosperous 2017 filled with numerous blessings, breakthroughs and successful accomplishments.

Yours lovingly,







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