Blank sheet.

‘…old things have passed away; behold all things have become new.’

That’s one of my favorite verses from the Bible, and weirdly, I think it correlates with the ‘new year’ concept. A new year marks a new beginning which births new resolutions. Many ignore the relevance of mapping out or making new year resolutions. What really is a new year resolution. To me, it means looking back and looking forward. Vague? I’d shed some light on it now. Looking back- that means carrying out a sincere examination on your past. In the year 2016, what did I achieve? What did I set out to do? Did I accomplish my goals? Was I better person? Did I grow? Did I succeed? Did I learn? And so on. Looking forward- means having an insight into the future. What do I want to accomplish? Who do I want to become? Where do I want to be? And so on. Looking back and looking forward- this means merging the two. What have I achieved? How would it make or mar me? Who have I become? How does it concern who I want to become? Where am I now? How does it affect where I want to be? 

These questions birth a list, a guideline, a navigator to help you through the journey of a new year. It helps you find a sense of direction and eliminates redundant living. Making new year resolutions is like checking your map. Does it correlate with your destination? What is your destination? If the map is suitable for your destination, then bravo! You can begin the year’s journey. But if it isn’t, you can always get a suitable map. 

So, have you made your new year resolutions? If you haven’t, then please do. Remember, the journey has started and time waits for no man. Get it right now and prevent mistakes, regrets at the end of the journey. 

Yours lovingly,



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  1. You’re right, I agree, how urgent it is to make a resolution in 2017, and it is kind of you to write on how best to tackle the New Year with your convictions in the right place. Great writing prompt. Good luck with your blog.


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