Take a breather, close your eyes and allow your illusion dominate your rational being. Imagine a car without wheels. Imagine a house without a roof. Imagine a gadget without a battery. Imagine earth without oxygen. Imagine a meal with no taste. Weird right? Now, imagine a man without a female companion. Think about a child without a mother. Envisage a home without a mother.

A woman, some would say, is a weaker vessel but I say a woman is a unique creation of God. If a woman were to really be a weaker vessel, why would God bother creating us? The Bible has it that when man was created, God senses that something was missing. An unsatisfactory feeling hovered man. God knew within Him that man needed a creation other than animals- a unique creature- woman. 

This leads to the very first role of woman- companionship. Without a woman, man would wither and wallow in the gnawing empty void only the company of a woman can fill. Behind every successful man is a woman. A woman, distinct and outstanding, has been designed to be an unlimited source of strength and support to the man. A man, after a hectic day at work, is anxious to go home at night to the lovingly accommodating arms of his woman. The woman with her feminine instincts would soothingly ease out stress from her husband and tenderly encapsulate him in warmth of love. The tongue, as it is said, is a woman’s greatest asset. She would dexterously proffer advice and efficiently calm his nerves with the words he desires.

A hungry man is an angry man and the only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Who pacifies this angry man? Who warmly works her way to the man’s heart? The woman! She has been charged with the irrefutable duty and power to the man’s stomach and heart. She takes it upon herself to make sumptuously tasty and succulent meals for her man. Imagine if all the women were to go into extinction, I’m quite convinced that earth would be a haven of angry hungry women.

I laugh when men argue that they play a more significant role and perhaps the most important role in parenting. But I ask, in whose body are the eggs fertilized. Who endures the nine  month of pregnancy? Who goes through the destabilizing hormonal changes? Who has to be subject to morning sicknesses, fatigue and the rest? Who has to go through that one day of hell of labor? Who experiences that excruciating pain of letting out a new child from her genitals? A woman goes through all of these yet stronger each day. The woman steps into the position of a mother and takes care of the child, showers him with love, builds him into the individual he would be in future.

An ideal woman as the strength of a horse, patience of a dove, wisdom of a tortoise, grace of a peacock, stealth of a serpent. Logically speaking, a woman has more workload than the man. Want to argue that? A typical family woman wakes up before everyone, tidies the house and takes care of domestic issues, prepares breakfast [even lunch], wakes her kids, bathes them and prepares them for school, ensures her husband is well dressed and ready for work and finally gets herself ready for the day. A single individual whose goal and interest is to ensure the overall well being of others- her family.

 Joe Odumakin, a fearless fighter for justice, is a woman. She has undeniably proved times without number that a woman is an active role player in the society. She combines her feminine and motherly instinct and radically provides a strong voice for the voiceless. She renders  help to the helpless and gives strength to the weak. She has been of great essence and substance in Nigeria. Imagine a Nigeria without Joe. Many would still be languishing in the menacingly torturous pit of domestic and sexual abuse. Countless lives would be lost and many would lead miserably lives. The number of  lives she has touched is innumerable.

Chimammanda Adichie, a prolific and gifted writer, with awards up her sleeve has brought to the limelight pressing issues through her works that unravel the pains, languish and life of the common Nigerian.

Dora Akinyili, a passionate and unrelenting power bank, may her gentle soul rest in peace. That woman was a great individual and showed a great sense of concern and interest in her field. During her regime, there was a great battle against fakes and counterfeits. Illegal drugs and foods were confiscated. Tons of fake goods were discovered. The whole country felt her presence. She died and NAFDAC dropped to being a behind-the-scenes agency.

Moving on to the international realm, Mary Slessor, was the woman who abolished the despicable act of killing twins in Nigeria. Hillary Clinton, Melinda Gates, Christine Lagarde, Angela Merkel, Mary Barra, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Ho Ching, Queen Elizabeth II, Folorunsho Alakija, Angelique Kidjo, Miuccia Prada, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and so many more. The list is unending.

Women are the salt of the earth. The most amazing ‘multi-taskers’ who juggle the roles of being a wife, a mother, a friend, a companion, a lover, an adviser, a pillar of support, a chef, a better half. All of these, yet she has no leave or gets a salary. It’s a lifetime job and she performs it excellently and efficiently well. She is the light that shines in our darkest hours. Women are the gravity force that holds the earth in one piece. They are an unlimited source of strength. They are the colors that brighten up our world. They are the unique breeds that add essence to our lives. They are the foundation of inestimable guarantee. They are the farmers that cultivate young minds, plant the ideal morals and principles and grow future leaders of tomorrow.

Take out women from this world and be sure to rip out the backbone and blood of men. The man is the head but the woman is the neck. The woman unwavering sets  all things straight for even and accelerated development. The woman is the solid foundation that guarantees the durability of any structure. A woman is a priceless jewel- a treasure to be kept and cherished. God bless womanhood.

Yours lovingly,




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  1. Can´t argue with you here, having been raised by a single mother…this woman is stronger than superman.
    Although I wouldn´t put Hillary Clinton in the same category with most of the others.


      1. Better not get political about this Hilary and start naming all her scandals. I´ll tell you something though, my mother has done a greater things than that woman. Plus my mother or as I call her “mommy rambo” she will still give me a smack on the head when I say something off the top when I see her, which happens to me on a regular basis….I must have some problems.
        Have a great day, read ya more when I have more time


  2. I totally agree wif u vickie………buh no woman can do it without a man.u are beneficial to d society like wise am I..male nd female has to be together to make a meaningful world.,nd dnt 4get 2 heads her better than 1


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