Societal Blemishes.


His hands dragged her violently across the room. He threw her on the worn out mattress. He paused, stared at her and began smiling, revealing a set of incomplete teeth. He was the devil’s reincarnate. Her eyes searched the whole room for an object with which she could hit him hard. Her searching eyes landed on the metal flask that stood gallantly on the bedside drawer. He seemed to have read her thoughts because before she could grab it, he gave her a hard slap that sent her reeling on the floor. ‘You’re as I had predicted. Stubborn, feisty. I love that! It’d merrier!’ He tipped his head back in laughter. Her eyes misted with tears. No! It could not happen to her! She would not have it happen to her! It would disastrous! Horrendous! Catastrophic! He knelt down and cupped her chin, bringing her to him. ‘No one can save you from me now,’ He whispered, his hot breath fanning her skin, tormenting her. He began tracing her hairline with the tip of his fingers. ‘I never could take my eyes off you since you were a child.’ His words irritated her, made bile rise dangerously to her throat. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. With all the strength she could muster, she pushed him away from me. Her legs were up in an instant and she took off running. ‘Get back here!’ He snarled aggressively. She ran like she would never run again across the room, down the stairs. She burst through the doors and aimed for the gate. Just when she thought was almost at the gate, at the edge of freedom, at the edge of breakthrough, her legs buckled. she fell down flat on the floor, not for long. Her father pulled her legs and dragged her back into the house. Tears trickled down her eyes. She would never escape this, she thought. Back  inside the bungalow, he threw her on the old sofa in the sitting room. A hot slap descended on her cheeks. ‘I thought I’d go nice and slow on you but you proved that you don’t deserve it.’ His words pierced her heart like a freshly sharpened scalpel. Ferociously, he tore at her clothes  like a mad dog. The moon, in her splendour, stretched her fingers through the window to admonish her bare skin. His belt dropped with loud thud on the floor. His faded jean trousers slid down his legs. Before she knew it, his full weight fell on her. The mouth of the man she thought to be a father covered hers. He rode her through hell back and forth. Something ignited her. A feeling, a sense of oppression. She laid there, deprived of her pride, robbed off her virginity, left to wither like a demeaned flower as her sense of dignity had been shattered by her father.

Above, is something I wrote a year ago when I heard a true life story of a girl who had been raped by her father. Close your eyes and imagine what I tried to portrayed in your own words and scenery. ‘How do you think she feels?’ I asked myself but got no response. Call it shock or whatever.  Although, I can never feel what she must have felt, I tried placing myself in her shoes and tried to capture what must have happened that night. A young teenager who had dreams and hopes was raped, raped! Raped by her own father! What a despicable thing to be heard but it’s reality. Millions of similar cases occur daily yet they go unnoticed. The few that get under the spotlight are regarded as trivial. Our society seems to be losing its priority, neglecting these societal vices that are rendering many abused, victimised, traumatised, oppressed, subjugated and demeaned. This must stop! We must begin to focus on threatening issues and give a voice to the voiceless! Let’s snap out of our slumber and become sensitive to what’s happening in our surroundings. We need to put an end to the societal vices plaguing our planet. Spread the word, enlighten others, be sensitive, be observant and help curb this social problems. A year ago, during a sensitisation programme by Joe Odumakin, I was enlightened to what I’d been oblivious to. Now, I’m spreading the knowledge I’ve acquired. Share your opinions on the matter. How can we stop this ills? 

Yours lovingly,



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  1. This is the worst of worst situation, where a girl is raped by her own father. A person who was supposed to be her protector. Can’t even imagine such thing.
    Girls should get trained to protect themselves from such situations at very early age! And only a capital punishment can reduce such cases!
    You put it bravely in words! These issues should be raised and discuss!

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  2. I was reading your post and i had that terrible anger feeling in me. How a father or any man(woman in many cases now) be so evil and heartless. Why they don’t feel anything? Why they use people as an object? Why the shouts, cries and pleading makes no difference to hearts? 😦

    I really support capital punishment.

    I had an experience where I met rape victim. Gang raped. She lost her voice and mental stability. She is residing in an old folks home because the family abandoned her. I shared my feelings on my blog. I was devastated. For days I was unable to sleep just by seeing her condition.

    May God give them strength.


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  3. Oh, dear God! This is the worst of worst situation, I can’t even imagine this! what world that we living in!! sadly story!! what kind of father does this to his own girl!!!
    I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing write up!!!keep writing and spreading the word!
    Please do visit my blog when time permits, thanks in advance and see you there!

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  4. This is a good write up and indication of one of the ills of our modern society which should be stamped out in our society .Such father needs to be procecuted and send to life in jail to serve as deterrent to others.
    Welldone Vicky for bringing up this all important issue.

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  5. When i was reading this,i couldn’t control the anger,i imagined how hard it would be!what a dirty father?!when i read things like this,i feel that someone tore my flesh!every girl needs to have a knife or something to protect herself!They should teach even these things at schools along with the general education! it’s great of you that you got this!


  6. Hello Vickie,

    I came upon your blog after visiting Sasha, and I am glad I dropped by. Although it is a very rough and raw piece, it is so beautifully writen… Sad sad story, but things like that have to be told to be stopped.



  7. Informative write ups vickie…..jailing d father dose not change the girls situation but all the same the useless father has to face real punishiment. probably a life sentence befits the father…but the girls life is most important, empowerment programmes should be permitted in other to help victims of such cases.,the goverment should set policies against child molestation/abuse while the citizens should always be alert of what is going on in the enviroments. Also cases like this should be reported to the police.

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  8. this was too good… I had read this earlier on Sasha’s blog… when she had reblogged it. I had goosebumps and was crying at the end of it. unfortunately, all this is true in many cases. your writes are very powerful and commendable…


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