There’s always the time of our lives when a member of the opposite sex catches our attention and throws us into space- literally. Our hormones kick in and we begin to think that person is a god. Our hearts begin to act funny at the sight of that special person. Our brains seem to abandon sanity while our minds are constantly clouded with thoughts of that person. Our entire reason for existence would seem to depend on that person. It’s a hormonal crisis we term as ‘being in crush’. Being in crush is like being on cloud nine but what if I told you  it can be hell.      

  I’ve seen girls lose their dignity and peace of mind, all in a vain attempt to get their crush to notice them. Some being played by boys like a random fancy toy and afterwards thrown into the trash can. Some have turned into shadows of themselves all because they ‘need’ to look better. Starving to look slim and finally adding ulcer to the deal. Revamping wardrobes so as look classy but gradually turning into a whore. Compromising core values so as to become approachable. Name it! I’ve seen girls try it all but end up not only with heartbreaks but a shadow of their former selves.    

 A guy with the perfect face, curly afro, pink lips and perfect build waltz into the school cafeteria leaving you dazed. You claim he has stolen your heart. ‘OMG! I think I’m falling for him!’ You go about squealing to whoever cares to hear. All your brain would think of is getting ‘Cutie’ to notice you. Every and any other thing becomes redundant and practically time wasting to you so you don’t find it necessary to listen in class anymore. You’d prefer daydreaming about ‘Cutie’ for hours than spending a few minutes on a Math sum. Exams are on their way, it’s time for you to read but all you see on the pages of your Chemistry Textbook is the dazzling image of ‘Cutie’. Exams are finally here and all you can put down is an unlimited descriptive essay on ‘Cutie’ carefully analysing how cute he is, the birthmark inside his nose while he’s totally oblivious to your existence. Finally, results arrive and an amazing F9 slaps you right out of your infatuation into reality. No one is saying it is a crime to have a crush but how you handle it matters a great deal. You don’t have to neglect your priorities and ruin your life over some boy or girl. Get your head out of romance books and movies that portray ‘being in crush’ as ‘being in bliss’. This is reality and reality can be a [permit my use of language. I don’t swear but I think this word is necessary here] bitch. Be sensible enough to understand that it’s just an infatuation- a short term feeling. It’d pass in no time. Don’t mar your future for a flimsy feeling of  few weeks.           It can be difficult. No one said it’s easy but it’s not impossible. Remind yourself that you have more important things to handle. Try getting ‘Cutie’ out of your head by engaging in productive activities. In no time, you’d realise that you no longer feel that pull and what’s more- you begin to question what it is that made you fall for him or her. 

 Remember, it’s all about crushing that crush before it crushes you!                                                        

Yours lovingly,                                                                                                                                              Victoria!


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