On the assembly, while our supervisor was making a series of announcements, she declared that in two weeks’ time, students in my department had to present something during the leadership training session. Like every other student, my response was a lazy groan. I’d made up my mind to just go on the internet and download one of those sentimental leadership talks and fill the others with it when we were called to present. But that was short-lived. My Religious Studies teacher called every single student of the Arts department and told us that we had to be unique. We had to show the others the uniqueness of the Humanities department. She suggested we break the trend which is- everyone mounts the podium and spends twenty minutes saying things that have been heard over again. She suggested we made rhymes, acted a drama, etc. That day, I went back home and just dozed off, clearing my mind off preparations for the leadership training session. In a blur, the appointed day was a day away. I was thrown into an ocean of indecisiveness and chaos. What was I going to do? That was the question that kept plaguing me. That night, on my bed, armed with a piece of paper and a pen, I put on my thinking cap. I began with doodles, redundant stares at the ceiling before making up my mind to write a poem. Long story cut short, I wrote a poem and presented it. An elating round of vigorous applause was what my poem earned. Trust me, I felt like a leader. One thing I learned was that from the depth of our minds, creative and splendid inventions can be excavated. Imagine if I had followed the trend by reading out an epistle dubbed from the net, it’d lack that touch of genuineness. That day, something struck and I’ve decided to share this with you. In every seeming nonsense, if you choose to, you can excavate something with ‘sense’. You might think that your well of knowledge is not sufficient to provide you with what you need. Trust me, that’s a lie. Being original and genuine is a great booster for success. Try doing things creatively, you’d discover new things and these things are potential propellers for success. I decided to trust my ability and I created something. That something made my colleagues view in a better light. That something made me realise so many things. Try creating something- something original and you might just be the next Isaac Newton.

Below is the ‘something creatively original’.


Being a leader

Doesn’t depend on your gender

But on your agenda

And your ability to make decisions

Not live in fancy illusions.

Have a cogent ambition,

With prayer as an ammunition,

Wisdom and determination,

An unending source of nutrition,

To actively participate in competition.

To get the desired position,

You must have the required vision,

And set up the right condition.

To start the crucial mission,

Eliminate all distractions,

Conquer all obstructions,

And whenever you’re out of condition,

Trust me, the bible is the best ignition.

And after reciting my poem, I left them awed with these words of Martin Luther King Jr.

”If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”



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