Born A Star!

Mandy was sprawled on her queen sized bed. A pink headphone clung to her head as the latest of Charlie Puth poured into her ears. Her dainty fingers tapped intently on her smartphone. A bubble gum moistened her mouth and exercised her jaws as she got lost in the amazing world of snapchat. Her exasperated mother barged into her bedroom, ferociously snarling. Mandy so lost in her world was oblivious to her mother who was yelling her name in a fit of rage.  Angrily, her mother connected her palm with Mandy’s butt. ‘Ouch!  Mum? Did you really have to do that?’ Her mum responded with a sarcastic laughter. ‘Are you aware that your exams are two days away? Have you done your chores? Have you packed for your field trip? Have you prepared for…’ She went on listing billions of tasks that Mandy had forsaken. 

A lot of us teenagers have been through this stage. If you haven’t, well I hail you. As our hormones kick in and nature plunges us into the transition phase, our senses are sharpened. This hormonal shift does a lot of things to how we view and handle things. It changes our paradigm and we begin to view the world differently. Our old passions begin to die while new ones are born. Our priorities change as well as our mindsets.

Like Mandy, a lot of us get engrossed in little distractions that sway us from our purpose. We say the world has advanced and we are moving with the trend. Some of us just keep moving in whatever direction the crowd moves. We no longer know who we are. We have lost sight of our goal and purpose. What exactly is our purpose in life? We think that the reason for our existence is to keep stuffing our face with Toblerone and pizza, chatting endlessly on Whatsapp, posting pictures of your feet on Instagram, watching the latest series on Netflix blah, blah, blah. Well, that’s not our aim. Those are silly distractions. It pisses me off to hear when someone tells me that they can’t live a day without their phones. Excuse me, is that phone their life source or what? I’m not disputing the fact that we should let off some steam but HELLO! Our real aim is to discover our purpose and work towards achieving that purpose. Our aim is to acquire knowledge, combine it with creativity and bless the world with innovative inventions to ensure positive progress and development.

I’m tired of seeing people waste their potentials. I’m tired of people wallowing in mediocrity. I’m tired of seeing people waste time on trivial and redundant things. We keep relying on what legends like Isaac Newton has done. But Isaac once was a teenager. He, obviously, had dreams and made sure he fulfilled them. He made a name for himself. He became great. Not by wishing and dreaming but by working. He worked, he did not get carried away. He ensured that he achieved his aim and goal and purpose for life. We keep depending on the product of other people’s creativity, what about ours? What about yours? Why can’t we snap out of silly fantasies? Why can’t we awaken from our slumber? Why can’t we invent something spontaneous from the depth of our creative minds?

The problem is that we fill our minds with the most trivial and silly things. We misplace our priorities. We allow our creativity to be buried by laziness. We fail to realise our potentials. We blind ourselves to the truth. But that must stop. We must take a bold step. We must realise our purpose and work towards achieving it. We must fulfil our destinies.

An angel is not going to drop from heaven to make you the star you were born to be. You have to decide to be a star and work towards achieving it. I’m not saying it’s easy. Nothing good comes easy. Life is not a bed of roses but what is worth doing, is worth doing well. I’m not saying it’s easy to dump snapchat and other fun things but make a compromise. The compromise is worth it. Search deep inside yourself and discover your purpose. Map out a strategy  and begin a mission to achieve success. You were born a star but in your hands lie the choice to either die a star or die a wretch.

Yours lovingly,



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