Press the Pause Button.

In this crazy world where a zillion things need your attention and you never really have time for a break and it seems like all you get is exhaustion and stress. I think 90% of everyone walking down the street is either mentally, physically, emotionally, financially stressed out. You have to go to school, work real hard to get good grades, for adults- work real hard for your purse, afford basic necessities for your children, afford the best for your spouse, attend that meeting, go to that seminar, take the car to the mechanic, get an insurance blah blah blah… The list is practically unending. Something somehow just never gives us time to rest but you know what. We’re HUMANS! We are prone to fatigue. We are not logs of wood. Imbuing ourselves in all the problems this world offers would result into a ghastly explosion. [I’m actually imagining someone exploding from stress like boom!] 

But what do we do? A lot of us find no answer to that question. What is to be done? Well, you have to press the pause button. You have to take a break from the world and focus on you. It’s not selfish to think of yourself for a while. You can’t attend to your daily needs and problems if you are exasperated and have no will or zeal to face the world. For crying out loud, you only live once. If you take your problems too seriously and they finally overwhelm you and send you to an eternal vacation to heaven [ or hell], the world would move on. A few people may mourn you for a few weeks but that’s all. No one would want to join you on that vacation. The problems you refused to leave would remain on earth. So how do you press the pause button?

You simply have to recharge yourself. Yes, just how you recharge your phone and laptop. When you use the battery to zero, you have to fill it up to hundred so that you can keep on using it. How do you recharge yourself? Move away from all your worries, go on a vacation. If a vacation is too expensive, take a walk. Take a refreshing shower, lay on the couch, listen to your favourite songs, watch that movie you’ve been itching to watch. Do what makes you happy. Have fun! Step into the spotlight and focus on your needs.

As a teenager and a student, life can become exhausting. I don’t let myself get stressed out. I need to be recharged to work for my grades. What do i do? I’ve realised that I only have one life to live. I can’t purchase another life in the mall so I have to manage what I have. I simply press the pause button. I take a little break. It might be on a weekend, a few minutes during lunch break, a few hours after school. I read books. I find an action film to watch. I meditate and do deep thinking. [It relaxes me] I sleep extra. I eat like there’s no tomorrow. I play like I’m a kid. I do all that makes me excited and efficiently relaxes me to charge me up. I look up for inspiration and motivation to face my problems by turning to the bible. [Trust me, the bible helps a lot] 

We are different people meaning our techniques for relaxation differs. Try to find what relaxes you and help you recharge. Take a break and indulge yourself. But don’t take that as an excuse to forget your duties. You still have to work. I still need to get my good grades. But the pause button is something that is needed when you reach a point of exhaustion and stress. Humans are fragile which is why the pause button is included in our package. We aren’t robots or superhumans. Recognise that and use the pause button when needed.Don’t forget to press the play button afterwards.

Yours lovingly,



2 thoughts on “Press the Pause Button.

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  1. Hello there Vicky. You have a very wise head on such young shoulders. Good for you!

    You make some excellent points about our worries still existing even should we literally worry ourselves to death!

    I also like your idea and counsel that we need to re-charge ourselves much like our phone laptop. Simple but effective illustrations. Popped by as you are on the Bloggers Solidarity list.


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