Why Are You Crying?

The other day, I found a friend of mine curled up in a corner of the library, crying her adorably cute cat eyes out. Sympathy imbued me and propelled me to offer her comfort. After she alighted from her emotional roller coaster, she finally divulged the reason behind her tears. She began by lamenting on how cruel her mother was, blah blah blah. Honestly, I thought her mother was making her go through domestic abuse or something. Guess what her mother did to claim the title of EVIL WITCH’! She was crying hysterically because her mother refused to buy her a pair of sneaker heels. It took all my energy and restraint not to crack up.

A lot of us complain about things which honestly are ludicrous. While some cry over not having the latest iPhone, some cry over not being able to attend the latest party. These things that we cry over seem like a big deal. It’s as if, if we don’t get it, the world come to an end. While you’re lamenting on not being able to purchase the latest denim jacket, someone is out there without clothes. While you’re staring daggers at your mum for making you eat vegetable salad, someone is out there with no food to eat and no hope of eating one. While you’re crying on not being able to attend a party, someone is out there going through hell. While you’re crying because your dad said you should get a part time job at the mall, someone has to work twenty four hours a day so as to be able to eat. While you’re sulking because mummy yelled at you, someone out there has no parents that’d yell. While you’re being grumpy about that stomach pain, someone out there is battling with cancer. Someone out there does not have what you have and would give anything to switch places with you so why are you crying? 

Instead of crying over trivial and silly matters, be grateful for the little you have because that thing you deem LITTLE is someone’s definition of BIG.

Yours lovingly,



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