Never Let Words Break You, Let Them Make You.

We all fail at some point or the other in our lives. If you haven’t, then I bet you haven’t been doing anything worth doing at all. This reminds me of what a friend of mine would say, ‘What is worth doing at all, is worth doing poorly at first.’ Nothing good ever comes easy.In order to achieve success, you must fail first. Now don’t get a heart attack. Failure is not a bad thing. It is simply a feedback alerting individual to try again with a lot more effort. But failure can turn really bad when you allow it to drag you down into destruction. 

Today, I’d forever be grateful to my father. I remember one night when he blasted me with words that maddened me. I was angered because he kept comparing me to the other kids who got prizes. I, on the other hand, never got one. I wasn’t interested because I did not deem myself worthy of claiming a prize. That night I cried my eyes out. I think I exhausted all of the tissue rolls we had in the house. That night, my dad became a cruel and heartless person. Why? Because he told me the bitter truth. ‘Those who get prizes have one head, Victoria! And so do you!’ 

Thanks to my darling Messiah and adorable mummy, I was able to convert all that anger to a positive energy. Armed with intense determination to prove to my dad that I could do it, I exerted the positive energy on my academics. Trust me when I say, my dad’s words are one I’d forever be grateful for. It made me see the potentials that was buried deep inside by ignorance and the I-don’t-care attitude. It helped me develop a competitive spirit and the rigour I needed. 

I didn’t get the golden position [ I was third overall] but those words transformed me into a new person who would not settle for less. It was the recharge I needed to become active. It has made me resolve not to merely exist but to live- to lead a meaningful life. 

If I’d allowed my dad’s words to make me worse, I wouldn’t be anywhere near who I am today. But I allowed myself to see the truth in his curt words. I did not allow myself to wallow in self pity. I did not allow his words bring me lower than I already was. I allowed his words to charge me up with the positive anger I needed to make a difference. 

Never allow words to break you, let them make you.

Yours lovingly,



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  1. A very inspiring life story. Of course, many parents want nothing but the best for their kids but many kids only know it when they have wasted enormous time and missed many opportunities. Bravo to your dad who did not spare the rod and spoil the child; and bravo to you who made the most out of his challenge to you. I am still to know you better but from this one post I guess where you are and will be. Bravo!


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