On the Streets of Lagos.

The alarm chirps as early as three a.m.

Wrenching the average Lagosian out of his sleep.

Reluctant legs are dragged out of bed to start the new day.

Even the dawn hasn’t broken but that’s life

You got to get up early to catch the morning bus or get stuck in unavoidable traffic

Ready for work, legs troop out of their houses to catch the available ‘Danfo’

Even at five a.m. the streets are alive and buzzing

Cars are zipping down the road as buses are conveying commuters

Hawkers are displaying their goods by hollering advertisements

Impatient legs are trotting down the street

As I stare up at the street from my balcony

I see buses

I see people

I see life

I see a sandwich of buses, people and life.

Yours lovingly,




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