My Hero

Literally, my soul was doomed to peril and I was at the mercy of the devil. Let’s say because I’m mortal and not immune to sin. So that means automatic ticket to hell. But guess what? A totally amazing guy left the luxurious comfort of his undeniably magnificent paradise to rescue me. He not only redeemed my soul but he went extra mile to shed his significantly valuable life for a complete wretch like me. I mean, that’s the most intense display heroism ever. Batman won’t commit suicide for me, neither would Superman but my amazing knight in shinning armour did. You want to know the best part? He signed me up for eternal residence in his beautiful mansion. Not only that, He also promised me a five star mansion in His kingdom. Now what do I have to do to ensure I get all those fabulous offers. All I need to do is diligently ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.’ All I have to do is seek the kingdom of God. The more I think about it, the more i’m thrilled. An amazing prince left his abode of comfort to suffer raw torture to save me from destruction. That is the best display of compassion. He could have ignored me. For crying out, I’m worth nothing. But he died for me. He rescued me. He clothed me with dignity. He admitted me into His royal lineage. He blessed me with wealth beyond my comprehension. He assured an eternity of glory. He is my hero. He is my knight. He is my super-hero.

Yours lovingly,



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