Last night, nature gave me a piece of itself which many of us take for granted. As I lay on my bed to get some rest, boredom wrestled with sleep causing me to stir restlessly on my bed. A groan escaped my lips as boredom defeated sleep. My eyes fluttered open as sleep fled me. My sight was graced by a dark room only lit by a dull lamp. Thanks to the epileptic power condition, I was guaranteed series of nights without electricity. I tried to persuade sleep to cast its spell on me but it declined .Exasperated, I rolled out of bed. I pushed my feet into my fluffy slippers. As I stepped out on the porch, soothingly calm breeze enveloped me and permeated my skin pores. My eyes looked and all I saw was the night. Using my artistic eye, I saw more than the night- I saw nature at work. Looking intently, I saw elegance.

Vibrant silhouette of buildings filled the landscape. The outline was vivid, sharp and precise. A palm tree stood regally behind one of the buildings, proudly flaunting its magnificence as it swayed in the gentle wind. The crescent shaped moon in all its splendour and glory glistened  above. Stars stained the grey blanket suspended above. The way the stars littered the firmament imbued me with ecstasy that was simply magical. Gazing intently, I saw more than the sky. I could see  a canvas on which the grandeur of art was skillfully painting. The sky wasn’t entirely grey. The master artiste had decided to create a dazzling melange out of black, white and probably orange. The moon was simply a product of a few strokes of silvery cream. The stars were simply cute dots scattered on the magnificent piece of artwork. A smile tugged at my lips at the sheer display of grandness and skillfulness of God. Each stroke was a determined and defined one hence creating a masterpiece. I closed my eyes to capture every detail of it and etched it in my memory. Last night, I saw a piece of beauty. I saw a piece of elegance.

Yours lovingly,




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