My Little Corner

This is my corner- Vickie’s corner where art comes alive. As a humanities student, art is what makes me tick which is why this corner was established. A former corner used to exist- but due to carelessness it got deleted. The deleted site did not pull me down, rather it motivated me to start afresh- stronger and better. What is to be expected of this site? Expect an original flow of creativity from the depths of my artistic overflow. I would be exploring different genres of writing- fiction, essays, narratives, articles, letter writing and all I can lay my hands on. I’d also write about life and things that speak to me as a person. That is why it is my corner. It is my world and I’m letting you into my world of creativity, originality, fantasy, passion and humour. Welcome to Vickie’s Corner. An exquisite corner where art comes to life.

Yours lovingly,



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